04. Advising

Legal Advice on Property

Disputes pertaining to Property is a very common incident in India. Disputes regarding property generally arise through claims from legal heirs, co-owners, disputes over easement rights, wrong representation by the seller, improper description of the property in the title deed, etc. Disputes may also arise where a property is acquired either through a gift or under a will.

However, legal advice on property disputes will help you to breathe sigh of relief.  SAMS Consultancy is here to resolve property related issues by experienced property lawyers.

Legal Advice on Marriage

Divorce or Dissolution Of Marriage a process of separation ensue's when cohabiting married partners no longer desire to cohabit to the sacred bond and wish to part ways either mutually or by contest. Our expert lawyers will call and advise you on Contested and Mutual divorce, Forms of Marriage Act and the documents which are needed. 

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