Founded in 2010,

SAMS Consultancy Specializes in

Registration and TAX filing

Introducing Our

Law Firm

SAMS Consultancy is a premier law firm established in 2010. We are providing a comprehensive range of legal services (such as various registrations, tax filing and accounting) and solutions for domestic and international clients.

Our objective is to provide high quality legal and commercial advice through an efficiently managed professional practice that will facilitate our clients’ business dealings.

Our Business Sectors


GST Registration

Registering GST is one of a big task as there are many types and it will vary based on the business. We make it simple by providing professional advisors.


Company Registration

We can help you with company registration across India at a very competitive price. The advantages of registering are check name availability, Limited Liability, Funding and Separate Legal Entity.


Tax Filing

In order to run a company or being an individual employee, you should file your Tax which may seem complicated. We are helping you with tax filing, form 16 issuing, TDS and return filing



This is our main service as most of the common people are lack of opinions. We help you to deal with all legal activities by giving best advises to be benefitted.

There Is No Lawyer More Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)